Girard-Perregaux Replica Watches Cat’s Eye Water Lily

Swiss Cheap Replica Watches — While preparing to celebrate its 225th anniversary, Girard-Perregaux unveiled its ultimate feminine timepiece, Cat’s Eye Water Lily.


The Cat’s Eye Water Lily is a seductive addition to the iconic Cat’s Eye collection whose perfect oval beats at the rhythm of the fine manufactured mechanical movements GP03300-0101. The new model featuring a dial set with 412 brilliant-cut diamonds and two opening petals made of 6 marquise-cut made of pink sapphires or emeralds for the green version, is a new version of the iconic Cat’s Eye collection entirely dedicated to women.


Ref. 80489D53A1B4-CKAA © Girard Perregaux Replica Watches UK

Diamonds around the flowers are specially set in order to bring to mind waves movements as the design recalls a pond of water-lilies, and the grain-setting technique was used to obtain a perfect shine. The scientific name of this flower is “Nymphaea” which comes from a Greek word ‘nymph’, meaning a feminine spirit that inhabited water bodies. The new Cat’s Eye is packed with romantic symbols. The pink highlights the gentle loving energy while the green version represents the heart chakra in Hindu belief.


Ref. 80489D53A1B4-CK9A © Girard Perregaux Fake Watches UK

The Cat’s Eye has been a hallmark for Girard-Perregaux for more than 10 years, combining its unique case shape with a really thin movement.


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