1966 UK Luxury Replica Rolex Explorer Ref. 1016 With Glossy Dial

Back in 2012, John Mayer described the cheap fake Rolex Explorer ref. 1016 as “understated, laid-back, and unlike a brand new Submariner, it’s not an obvious choice, which I always find a bonus” in an article titled John Mayer On Watches: The Five Best Buys In Vintage Rolex, For $8,000 Or Less.

That was, of course, in 2012. Enthusiasm for the simple, refined, 36mm sport Rolex copy watch has only exponentially grown. So much so that Rolex, after moving away from the classic diameter in 2010, with the ref. 214270, announced this past week the return of a 36mm Explorer – this time including the ever-dividing two-tone, or Rolesor, ref. 124273.

For Rolex to go back to the well and downsize a watch, that’s a big deal to me. It shows how strong the desire is for a classic sport watch in an understated size from the Crown. I, personally, do not discriminate when it comes to 1016s – this is my favorite vintage Rolex replica watch online.

Few Explorers are more sought after than those with glossy, or “gilt,” dials made in the early to mid-1960s. The example we have in this week’s selection has one of the cleanest dial surfaces I’ve come across in a glossy 1016. Due to the high gloss surface, small imperfections are regularly obvious or stand out on these watches. Viewing the watch from different angles is really a spiritual experience. From up close and right near flat to your eye, the glossy black dial gives me the appearance and feeling of a calm pond at sunrise.
John Mayer is quite good at finding the words to distill life’s larger ideas into a succinct phrase. You could say he’s made a career out of it. While his thoughts on the 1016 will likely remain the most memorable, my love for the Explorer is simple. Boiling down vintage Rolex, stripping away anything extra, the best quality copy Rolex Explorer Ref.1016 is what is left and yet is all I need. We’re so pleased to offer a 36mm Rolex Explorer that can be purchased right now.


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